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Founder Principal, D.A.V. Public School, Velachery, Chennai

Embrace the Spirit of Education with a Leader Committed to Excellence

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Explore Mrs. Aggarwal's Journey

Dive into the remarkable journey of Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, founder Principal of D.A.V. Public School, Velachery. With a strong academic background and numerous accolades, she leads with vision and dedication. Join us in exploring the inspiring story of an educator committed to excellence in education


Excellence in Educational
Vision and Innovation

Explore the pillars that define our commitment to excellence in education. Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal's visionary leadership has shaped a learning environment that goes beyond the conventional, fostering innovation and a transformative educational vision.



Discover the boundless realm of academic excellence led by Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal. Our commitment to distinction fosters an environment where students surpass their potential, paving the way for an inspired and accomplished future.


Experience academic brilliance under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal. Our commitment to academic distinction ensures a learning environment where students thrive, excel, and achieve their highest potential.



Nurture leadership skills that extend beyond academics. Our programs, guided by Mrs. Aggarwal, aim to shape students into compassionate, responsible leaders ready to make a positive impact on society.


Holistic Education Approach

Immerse yourself in our holistic education approach under Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal's guidance. We prioritize the development of well-rounded individuals, emphasizing not just academic success but also the physical, emotional, and social growth of each student.



Discover innovative teaching methodologies that go beyond the ordinary. Mrs. Aggarwal fosters an environment where technology-enhanced learning and interactive strategies create an engaging and dynamic educational experience.


​Lifelong Learning Culture

Join a community committed to lifelong learning. Mrs. Aggarwal instills a culture of excellence, encouraging both students and educators to embrace continuous learning and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of education.


Leading with Vision and Dedication

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Her Honorable Awards

Mrs. Minoo Aggarwal, the distinguished founder and Principal of D.A.V. Public School, Velachery, stands adorned with a tapestry of prestigious awards, each a testament to her exceptional contributions to education. Notably, she was conferred the esteemed "National Award for Teachers" by President Late Shri. Pranab Mukerjee and the "Best Teacher Award" by the Central Board of Secondary Education. These accolades recognize Mrs. Aggarwal's unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and invaluable impact on the educational landscape. Explore the journey of a seasoned educator celebrated for her extraordinary achievements.


National Award for
Teachers (2014)

Presented by President Late. Shri. Pranab Mukerjee on Teacher's Day, honoring exceptional contributions to education.


Lifetime Achievement
"Sahodaya Seva Ratna" Award:

Chennai Sahodaya School Complex recognition for invaluable contributions to educational expansion and vision.


Global Innovative
School Award (2019):

Acknowledged by BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, and Phyzok for outstanding innovations in pedagogy and education.


International Leadership Excellence Award (2019):

Conferred at Bangkok, Thailand, by Meccademia Education Group, UAE, for exceptional leadership in education.


National Responsible Educator (Vatavaran) Award (2018-19):

Recognized for outstanding environmental initiatives and awareness campaigns by Team DAV.


Award for Vision and Leadership (2014):

Indian Business Conference Institute Pvt. Ltd. (IBCI), Bangalore, honored Mrs. Aggarwal for visionary leadership.

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